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Bob’s Burgers - BURGER OF THE DAY

These are gold.

Gold Jerry, GOLD

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explorin styles again

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Anonymous asked: I'm looking at some of the responses to people finding out that sandfilled did some smutty artwork of that OC... man, tumblr can get really mad at rule 34, can't they?


Yeah, he was actually given a lot of praise for it, then Equestria Daily gathered a bunch of hearsay and things people thought was the fact and EqD staff posted it as fact even though there is no actual proof or sources, something a large site that delivers news like Equestria Daily shouldn’t do. What made it worst was they didn’t look all the info up themselves by their own admission, they instead said tons of people sent them the info and the compiled it into an article.

I have been spending all night looking up info, on Sylvain, his mother, his siblings, and there is NO information on them besides their mention on the Rebecca Run site. As stated there, he is a strong fairly independent kid, he ran in those marathons for a while, and has proved doctors wrong, and has raised money to help SMA research, but that was when he was 12, he is 17 now. So naturally I figured he got too bad to do it and maybe Make-A-Wish did help him out, and started my search there.

What I have found is Sylvain is not the kind of kid you’d expect to be helped by Make-A-Wish Foundation, he barely meets the age requirements alone, but their rules are thus: “A child with a life-threatening medical condition who has reached the age of 2½ and is under the age of 18 at the time of referral, is potentially eligible for a wish. After a child is referred, the child’s treating physician must determine whether the child is medically eligible for a wish, based on the medical criteria established by Make-A-Wish.”

Sounds like something he’d get to make a wish for right? I mean, clearly it’s a disease that kills people right? Well, the type of SMA Sylvain has is Type 3, which as I found as been stated as "We fully expect that our patients with type 3 and type 4 SMA will live a normal life span" literally meaning, he is not terminal, he will not die from his illness, he will grow up and could have kids. Make-A-Wish would not help a kid that is going to live to be 50 years old, wheelchair or not, they focus on kids that are soon to die and even then they can’t get to all of them, many kids die every year before they can get their wish granted, and compared to them Sylvain is literally non-elegable unless some really shady payoffs happened.

That fact alone proves one specific anon message as nothing more than total lies and attempts to spread drama. Which it’s easy to tell it’s totally fake, like I said, a mother wouldn’t go on tumblr and send a message to, what I found out, a seemingly anti-brony tumblr. But I kept an open mind, trying to prove people right to get the info no one wanted to look into. I literally spent my night trying to compile this data and proved left and right the facts we have are based on lies and unchecked information form a large media source too lazy/busy to look themselves.

TL;DR: Sylvain LeVasseur Portelance is a normal kid that just has to use a wheel chair most the time, but will live a long and normal life. He did not get a wish from Make-A-Wish Foundation, we lack any info on the family who literally are ghosts online, and the info we have currently are all lies to spread drama and/or not had their facts properly checked.

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theswedishelf asked: I often wonder if the people who say bronies "steal" MLP from little girls and "prevent the target audience from getting anywhere near it" ever realize how stupid they sound. It's like they think of bronies as an army of men who keep troops posted outside every little girl's house and in every department store toy section to scare girls out of watching the show and physically form a fat, sweaty, Cheeto-snarfing blockade between girls and the merch. While tipping their fedoras and going "M'lady."


They just think that the emotional appeal of “Think of the children!" works in a context where there is literally no interaction between them, and the older fan base.

No one is going to their homes and changing the channel, or turning off the television, every time ponies come on.

No one is blocking their way in stores - if anything, I have personally witnessed people moving out of the way, and patiently waiting for the girls to choose their toys first.  I do this myself.  I also used my knowledge of the blind bag numbering system to make sure a little girl got the Pinkie Pie she wanted.  The stores keep these toys plenty stocked, at least where I live, and there is certainly no “shortage”.

No one is keeping these children from playing with the toys, talking about them with their friends, and just generally enjoying them.

When people complain about how “easy” questionable material is found, one first has to wonder what kind of a parent lets a little girl on the internet all by herself in the first place.  If you wouldn’t feel comfortable with your child running around downtown by themselves, then they probably shouldn’t be on the internet by themselves.  Secondly, when it comes to Tumblr, anything from blogs marked as “NSFW” will not show up in Google’s Safe Search.  There is also the Safe Search Wrap Up project that is already clearing out stray images that also shouldn’t be showing up in Safe Search.  I’d say they’ve already done a pretty fair job

I don’t think these people realize that not only are children not particularly bothered when someone older likes the same things they do, they usually think it’s pretty great.  Know why?  Because it makes them feel important, because hey - they like something a grown-up likes!  A while back, I was at a store browsing through the nail polish while I waited for Morty, and a little girl sitting in a cart noticed my Fluttershy “Yay!” shirt, and excitedly exclaimed,

"Mommy, she’s got a pony on her shirt!”

So I smiled, and said, “Yup!  She’s one of my favorites!”

And she just had the biggest smile on her face, and it was just the most adorable thing ever, and it made me glad I had chosen to wear that particular shirt that day (even though I later found a hole in it, right on the boob, that thus rendered it unwearable). 

I’ve also become the “cool aunt” to my nephews, because I also watch Adventure Time and Regular Show, just like they do.  They always ask me if I’ve finished that sculpture of Mordecai and Rigby that I’ve been working on (or rather, forgetting to work on), and we’ve now taken to greeting each other with the characters’ trademark, “Oooohhhhhhhhh!”.

Not only is no one “taking” anything “away” from little girls, the greatly increased viewership has ensured that there will be that much more show for these girls to watch.  The existence of the older members of the fan base has also greatly increased the variety of characters that toys are being made of, as well as increased the quality of the toys being produced.  Don’t you think a little girl would much rather have this Fluttershy…


…as opposed to this Fluttershy?


I highly doubt the 4th Dimension plushes would exist if there hadn’t been feedback from older fans.  And 4th Dimension isn’t the only company producing pony plushes besides Funrise.  As I’ve also previously mentioned here (where you’ll also note that it mentions how Bonnie Zacherle had originally intended for the My Little Pony franchise to be for both girls, and boys), there are also characters getting toys that surely wouldn’t have otherwise.  You don’t think any little girls might like a pretty Nightmare Moon with glittery wings? 


When I was a kid, I actually liked Pizzazz more than Jem, because I thought she looked so much “cooler”.  Also, as I mentioned here, it was older fan feedback that allowed for the production of a prettier Princess Celestia toy, with wings that didn’t look absolutely terrible because they clashed with the body, as was seen in the original toys.



Not to mention that she has a pearly sheen, and now has golden, sparkly footwear.

Especially given that pretty much all the “horror stories” you hear about bronies negatively interacting with younger fans are written in such outlandish ways that any outside observer with half a brain could see that they’re a load of horse hockey, I have my doubts that the little girls are being “affected” at all.  If anything, they’re now able to buy costume pieces (nice ears, wigs, and horns) that wouldn’t have been made otherwise, and have older siblings that are more than happy with helping them create their Halloween costumes.  There are families that now have an easier time deciding what to watch together.  There are brothers and sisters who can agree on what toys to play with together.  There are now couples who share a common interest, and girlfriends that can enjoy the fact that their boyfriend also likes something that’s not overtly “macho”.

Higher ratings = more show.  Fan feedback = better toys, and a larger variety of them.  Frankly, I’d say the little girls are making out like little bandits here.

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